Blown :-(

Well, Professor bailed on tomorrow night. Hippie subsequently followed suit, which is fine as he wasn’t my main concern anyway.

I kinda figured this would happen. Yesterday evening I asked Hippie what time we were meeting up tomorrow night. He said he’d texted Professor and was awaiting his response. Professor responded eventually and said he’d call him the next day (today). That wasn’t an encouraging sign, but I’ve kind of gathered (and Hippie confirmed) that Professor is VERY cautious about texting over his work phone (hence them actually having to meet in person for Hippie to show him my pictures), so I remained optimistic.

All day today I was eagerly anticipating a text from Hippie with Professor’s confirmation that the meet was happening, but I never got anything. I finally broke down around 5 p.m. and asked if he’d heard anything yet. He said he hadn’t at first. 10 minutes after that he told me he’d gotten a text from Professor saying he couldn’t make it.

Oh well.

I mean, yes, the three of us getting together tomorrow was PROFESSOR’S idea in the first place. And yes, I DID move the heavens and the earth and promise my first-born child to my supervisor to get off tomorrow night since I had to work. But…it is what it is. I was really blown for like 10 minutes though. I thanked Hippie for his help anyway. At least he tried.

He said basically that Professor tends to be kind of paranoid about stuff like this. Understandable. He IS married and he IS high up on the job food chain and I AM some random chick. He doesn’t know me or how I am or what my intentions are. I thought that Hippie having vouched for me would’ve curtailed any worries, but maybe he thinks it’s some type of set up or something. I assured Hippie that I wasn’t the type to run my mouth if that’s the worry. He could only say that he can’t speak for Professor, that Professor only told him he couldn’t make it. Who knows what his deal really is?

Again, at least Hippie tried.

It’s funny though…the 20th of last month, Mr. Smooth was dissing me. This month, it’s Professor. Who will it be on June 20th, since there seems to be a pattern starting? Only time will tell.

It’s not a huge deal though. Can’t spend too much time worrying about someone I’ve never even met. It just would’ve been neat to meet him. He’s still hot…

I could cancel my day off tomorrow and go to work anyway but I’d be a total DUMBASS to give up a Friday night off. I’ll be drinking…somewhere.

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