Almost There…

The ball is steadily rolling on the Professor situation. Hippie finally got around to showing him pictures of me and he thinks I’m pretty, apparently. So…the three of us are meeting up at a bar on Friday night and we’ll get to meet each other.

I’m excited! Yet nervous. Hopefully we mesh well in person. Hippie simply raved about how smart and charismatic Professor is and how good a time I’d have with him when I first inquired about him, so I think everything will be good. I trust Hippie’s opinion, he tells it like it is.

Obviously, being as he’s married, I’m not expecting some fairy tale romance. Maybe we’ll end up having some hot, wild, steamy sex at some point at least. Maybe we’ll even sort of be friends eventually. Who knows? I just think he’s hot. I think he’ll be just as hot in person. I think he’ll think I’m hot. I think we’ll have a good time on Friday at least. It’ll just be nice to meet him and to satisfy my curiosity.

Other than that, not too much going on on the men front. Curly and I have spoken a little bit but I can take him or leave him. I’ll admit, I did have a moment of weakness Saturday night after work and I invited him over. He never responded. When I called him on that yesterday, he said he was with someone else at the time since I’ve been blowing him off. Whatever. I don’t care either way. At least he was honest though. I like that.

One of my coworkers and I flirt a lot. I even call him my “work husband.” He’s made it no secret that he’d like to get in my pants. He’s cute and he has a nice body since he works out regularly, but again, I’m refraining from doing anybody I have to see at work regularly. Plus he’s a smoker and that’s not a very appetizing habit to me. Kissing someone whose mouth tastes like cigarettes? Yuck. I don’t foresee anything happening there but there is a mutual attraction definitely.

Tomorrow will mark a month since I’ve spoken to Mr. Smooth. I still think about him sometimes and wonder why things went the way they did, but I’m not sweating it.

Slowly but surely, I’m toning back up. I haven’t totally sworn off junk food, but moderation is the key. And water. And making sure to eat something every couple of hours to keep my metabolism going. And exercise, of course. And proper rest. Blah, blah, blah.

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