So Close I Can Taste Him

So Hippie came through for me. He sent me a text yesterday afternoon telling me that he’d talked to Professor about me, and Professor was interested.

He didn’t have his cell phone with him at the time, so he couldn’t show Professor my Facebook pics. He told me to send him a pic he could show Professor, and I sent him a couple. Clean, respectable ones of course.

He asked Professor if it was a good time to send the pictures but Professor was in a meeting in the evening and said he’d call Hippie when he was done. He didn’t, so Hippie surmised that it’ll have to wait until today.

I was worried that Professor would think I’m some type of weirdo (which I kind of am, but not necessarily in a bad way), but Hippie assured me everything was all good and not to worry. He said he told him I thought he was hot and wanted to fuck meet him. Kind of cheesy, but that’s the truth.

This is mine and Hippie’s secret. Hippie is good friends with yet another recent ex of mine – Stallion. He’s married, so it wasn’t anything too deep. We had fun for a few months and now it’s seemed to have tapered off gradually into a genuine friendship. I haven’t had sexual contact with him since mid-March, but we still talk regularly and have even gotten drinks together since. He’s a pretty good guy. He had problems getting it up a lot though (early 40s – maybe time for the little blue pill?), and so sometimes our sexual activity was a little awkward and annoying.

Anyway…the point is that Stallion and Professor know each other. Most of the people I get involved with from the job, period, are going to know each other (or at least of each other). That’s just the way it is. I even originally put out feelers for the Professor through Stallion, but Stallion didn’t entertain it. I wasn’t trying to be a bitch or anything, I just figured that since me and Stallion were pretty much over romantically, it wouldn’t bother him.

I doubt it’d bother him if he knew that Hippie was hooking me up (or at least, he’d act like it didn’t even if it does – that’s how he is), but I just like my business to stay my business sometimes. I’m into being discreet, especially being as some of my men are not only married, but in prominent positions at work.

Hippie promised he wouldn’t tell Stallion about this.

I’ll be eagerly anticipating…something.

Oh yeah..I thought Curly wouldn’t speak to me for a while since we had words, but he actually answered my texts from yesterday morning. I told him it’s not worth arguing about.

Later, while I was at work, he was texting me asking me what I’m doing after work. He had the nerve to invite himself over after work last night, yet again. And he didn’t ask, he just basically said “I’ll be there tonight.” Um, no you won’t. I told him I was tired, another time. He’s benched for now. I’m looking for new starters.

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