Stood Up

So I got stood up last night, kind of.

Curly basically invited himself over after he got off work at 11. He claimed to have gotten held over then, and changed it to 1:00. By 1:30 when I’d not seen or heard from him, I was irked and sleepy and gave him a little piece of my mind. Is it that hard to shoot a text or phone call someone’s way if you’ll be late or can’t make it? Common courtesy, folks. It still applies for bootycalls.

He had the nerve to text me at 2:22 claiming to just be finishing up at work and asking if I was sleeping. I answered, but not exactly invitingly, and he never responded. No biggie, I was set on going to sleep at that point anyway.

I chewed him out some more this morning, just for kicks. I just think that’s so rude.

He probably won’t talk to me for a while. Oh well.

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