Ho Hum

My life is extremely uninteresting at the moment. I don’t do anything these days but go to work, go to the gym or for a run, and…well, that’s it. On the plus side, my body is looking better. On the downside…I’m totally boring. I barely ever go out anywhere.

I’ve worked a good bit of overtime lately to make some extra money since I’m poverty-stricken. Or maybe not that bad off, but pretty close. It’d be nice if I could acquire a “sponsor” of some sort. If he could be under 50 and hot, that’d be excellent. Like a high-powered attorney. Yummy. I love a man in a nice suit. I can pay all of my own bills, I just need more spending money.

I haven’t had any sex since April 18, which is a blower. There’s no one I’m really dying to have sex with either. There is Curly, who was the source of my April 18th tryst. He’s handsome, his body is beautiful, and he’s great in bed, but nevertheless, I’m not really into him like that. I WAS when we met months back but he didn’t seem very receptive to building a friendship or anything beyond so I fell back. And now…it’s whatever. He’s actually been texting me today on the sexual tip. Don’t get me wrong, I would have sex with him if it’s convenient, I’m just not going to jump through hoops to do so.

Then there’s Dimples. I can’t really decide how I feel about him. We’ve had a strong flirtatious sort of thing going on for almost a year now. I can’t really decide if I’m attracted to him though. He’s cute, I guess, if not exactly handsome. Maybe it’s just that I’m not into bald heads. He has a nice body though…dresses nice at work. A few days ago he wanted me to come over straight from work since he lives nearby. I wasn’t feeling it though. I was too tired, and plus he mentioned his young son was on his way home and it seemed like it wouldn’t be exactly a mood-setting environment, even if his son was going straight to bed.

The main thing is he works out of my building and I’ve already learned that hard lesson with Pretty Ricky, as I may have mentioned.

Or it could be that I just don’t really wanna fuck him, I guess. He’s totally fun to flirt with though. Maybe you need that sometimes…someone that you flirt with but never have sex with. Sexual tension is sexy.

In other news, I may or may not be closer to scoring my crush, Professor. I went drinking with a new(ish) friend, Hippie, the other night. I mentioned my crush on Professor to him, and apparently, I’d be right up Professor’s alley. Hippie even went so far as to try texting Professor right then and there just to see if he had the right phone number for him still, but he never got an answer. Hopefully it’s just that that in fact was not the correct number for Professor anymore, and not that Professor hates his guts or something. Because then that screws everything up.

Hippie said he’d try emailing him when he went to work Monday. Whether he actually did or not, I don’t know. I talked to him briefly yesterday but he didn’t mention anything. I don’t wanna bug him about it.

Curly claims to be coming to visit tonight when he gets off work at 11. Well…as long as he’s coming to me it’s a go. If he really comes, I’m good. If he doesn’t that’s cool too.

Oh yeah…the high school dude finally got the point after he never got a response to that horrendous “Summer’s Eve” bullshit and his subsequent Facebook chat attempts. He told me he “gots no patience.” GOOD. Go smoke your weed and score yourself a hoodrat who thinks that’s cute. I don’t. He deleted me. Sweet.

And by the way, my check card and IDs and stuff were in fact at my coworker’s house. His roommate found it all for me and I retrieved them eventually. Going a week without access to money is not something I would like to ever do again though.

That is all.

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