I’ll Pass

Of course, because my life IS my life, it’s always the men that I’m totally uninterested in that act the most pressed. In the most unattractive, pathetic ways.

Exhibit A: High School Guy

During a lull in the previously-mentioned Facebook chat where he was telling me how much he “wanted” me, I took the opportunity to simply close the browser and end that trainwreck of a conversation. Figured that’d be the end of it. That was Tuesday.

Logged on Friday morning in the midst of getting ready for work. Not one, but 2 messages sent 6 minutes apart earlier that morning. The first one contained his phone number. The second left me speechless. In a bad way. Copied verbatim:

When i seen u in that red dress, i wanted 2 suck the Summer’s eve out ur pussy!!! Next, I wanted 2 lift the back of that dress up and fuck u on the rail, in front of everybody. I just dont give a fuck. Then, i thought, y not suck her pussy juices dry through her ass? It might work, lls…There…direct enuf 4 u?


Wow. Really? I mean, I gather that that was supposed to turn me on or something, but little does he know it had the exact opposite effect. Let me count the ways…

I mean, for one, I’m not attracted to him in any way, shape, or form. He’s not bad looking or anything, but personality-wise, lifestyle-wise…just not feeling it. By the way he writes, by the picture of “Mary Jane” he has posted on Facebook (one that looks like HE actually took a picture of some weed that was right in front of him), by the multiple pictures of him holding wads of cash, etc…just totally not my style. Definitely not into anyone trying to be “thugged out” or whatever the hell.

For two, I don’t even know this dude like that and he came off like that at me? Really? We went to high school together 10+ years ago, you’ve seen me on Facebook and one time in person since, and now it’s like that? A message like that would be a turn off from ANYONE even if I was attracted initially. Just not sexy or enticing at all.


Exhibit B: Ex’s Friend

So I thought that when I clearly told Zach’s friend that I wasn’t interested on Wednesday, that would be the last of it.


He texts me earlier this afternoon talking about how he didn’t think casual sex was a crime and he’s not used to being blown off. I never saved his number in my phone, but since it has a different exchange than the area I’m in I knew it was him. I ask him what sex has to do with anything. Did he think because I used to mess with Zach, he was getting some too? I explain that I’d told Zach not to hook me up with him in the first place, that I wasn’t interested. He said that it’s a good thing I blew him off because all he wanted to do was have sex with me anyway.

LOL…is that right?

So if that’s all you wanted, why are you texting me 2 days after the fact, obviously pressed over the fact that I didn’t want you? What a clown. Like he ever had an inkling of a chance of having sex with me. Like he was ever anywhere remotely close to getting in my pants. Sorry buddy, was never interested. Get over it please.

This exchange made me realize that Zach was only trying to do his friend a favor by hooking him up with some good ass, so I chewed him out after I was done with the friend. I kinda had a feeling that was the game plan from the start, which was why I was never feeling it.

He claimed he was trying to do something “nice” for me. Right. I told him I’m not some whore he can just pass around to his friends. I reminded him that I didn’t ask to be hooked up and I explicitly told him NOT to hook me up when he mentioned it. He got pissed and called me a bitch. I told him he’s not to talk to me again until he learns some respect. I followed up by telling him his dick is weak, just to be mean.

If I never speak to him again, it won’t be a big deal.

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