Stay Strong

I am in the second week of my fitness journey as of today. Eh. Slightly more definition in my stomach from the front, but I still look like a whale from the side. My back looks better though – the rolls are fading already. Not too bad after only 9 days I guess. Progress takes time. I’ve been watching the fattening food and drinking a lot more water. Mostly water, in fact. Unfortunately, having misplaced my gym ID is going to set me back a little since I can’t go until I find my current one or get a new one, but I jogged almost 3 miles today in my neighborhood, so jogging will suffice until I can get back into the gym.

I have until late June to get it totally together, so I still have lots of time.

In other news, the ex who was trying to hook me up with one of his boys from work for God knows what reason took it upon himself to give this person my number after I told him not to. I don’t need help meeting any men. I definitely don’t need HIS help meeting any men.

Not that me and Zach aren’t cool because we certainly are, but I question his motives for wanting to hook me up with one of his friends. It’s just weird. Especially since Zach was at my house recently trying to get in my pants. He’s tried quite a few times since things ended late last year, but he wasn’t that good in bed for me to be interested in a “friends with benefits” arrangement. I mean, if ALL you’re offering is sex, then it needs to be on point. When you like someone, you let sexual shortcomings slide for the sake of your feelings. But when you take the feelings away and the sex has to stand alone, it needs to be something worthwhile.

Anyway, so the friend starts texting me last night much to my chagrin. I’m polite and engage him a little bit. The conversation isn’t long since he has to get some stuff done and then go to bed for work today. He sends me a picture today via text since he doesn’t have a Facebook or anything. He’s decent looking but not anyone I’d take a second glance at in passing. I tell him I’m not looking for any friends, and that I’d asked Zach not to give him my number in the first place. He seems to think that I’m salty over whatever happened with me and Zach, but I assure him that’s not the case, I’m just not in the mood for new friends right now. He told me he’d like to take me out if I change my mind. I thank him and keep it moving.

Zach got an earful from me for giving my number out after I’d specifically asked him not to. And that’s exactly why he’s an ex. Because he’s a jackass. I tell him all the time. I mean, we’re cool and all, but I have absolutely no interest in anything besides a casual friendship with him.

If he were a better lover it’d be a different story. I wouldn’t mind letting him get it every once in a while when I’m between men, but he’s way too selfish in bed. I’ve found that it tends to be easier to get over someone when the sex wasn’t all that.

Someone I know from the job sent me a friend request on Facebook today. I accept and go to browse through his pictures and lo and behold – one of him and Mr. Smooth.  I feel like if I keep seeing him I’m going to weaken. Weaken and send him a text or something. Must. Stay. Strong.

But HIS sex, I definitely miss.

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