Wishful Thinking

Life is pretty mundane these days. With Mr. Smooth no longer in the picture, there’s no one lighting my fire like that. I still miss him a little bit, but I’m no longer tempted to talk to him or anything. I even spoke his name today without feeling anything. Unfortunately, he’s in a prominent position at work such that I’m likely to have to hear or even speak his name from time to time even though I don’t work for him directly. But that’s the risk you take when you venture to get your honey where you make your money. At least I never have to see him.

It’s Saturday night and I’m sitting on my couch alone watching bland TV. It’s just as well being as I worked today and have to work tomorrow. It’d be nice if I had someone to keep me company for a little bit, but there’s no one I would even want to at this point. Someone new will come along in due time. It just usually takes a while since I’m so particular.

I’ve decided that I’ll give myself 2 days of rest between each gym trip. I went Monday and Thursday, so that means I’m due back tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to hitting the gym after work as opposed to beforehand, or on a day off, but I gotta do what I gotta do. My biceps are nice and firm again.

I’ve done good with eating this week. I’m already looking less whale-like. The lack of PMS-induced bloating probably has a good bit to do with that too.

I picked up at condoms Walmart earlier this week. It’s the first time I’ve ever bought condoms in my life. I’ve always used them religiously (VERY FEW exceptions, especially since I don’t do birth control), just never had to buy any. I’ve always kept my supply up by getting them for free from random sources. I only got them because I was passing by the locked case they’re kept in and it happened that the doors to it were gone for whatever reason. Since they were so easily accessible at the moment, I figured, Hey, why not?

Wishful thinking at it’s finest. Obviously I’m hoping that:

A) I’ll soon have the opportunity to use them, and

B) That whoever I’m with will actually be able to fit them (Magnums).

The latter isn’t a requirement, but it’s always nice.

Well…a girl can only hope!

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